Does your Professor have items waiting for you on Course Reserve?


As many of our students get settled into the new school year, you may have seen on your syllabi that some Professors have items for your class on ‘Course Reserve’.  If so, remember that physical items such as books and DVDs are held at the Borrower Services desk, while articles are reserved electronically. (Either your Professor or one of our librarians can help you access those items which are reserved electronically).

Keep in mind, SOME Professors do put a copy of the current text books you will be using on ‘course reserve’ for the class, while others do not. It is up to their discretion – so please don’t expect each text book you will need to be waiting for you at the Library. Additional books which you may need for the class (aside from text books) are usually kept on Course Reserves, for assigned chapters or pages.

Loan periods for the majority of the Course Reserves are for a 2 hour period, for “in-library” use only – which means the book can not leave this building. If you need longer than the two hour period allowed, please see one of our librarians if it is possible to extend the loan for an additional two hours (depending on whether others are waiting for it). Some items (such as DVDs) can be checked out for longer, or can possibly leave the building for a short amount of time.  We will always let you know if the item you check out is one of these exceptions to the standard ‘two hour’ loan period.

Always remember to be considerate of other students who need to borrow the items for class by returning each item on time, so the Course Reserves will remain a useful and helpful resource to all!