How to Survive Finals from a Senior


Finals time is often the most stressful time of the semester for many students. Between papers, projects, and exams, we hardly find time to rest. And when the holiday break comes around, all we want to do is sleep. But it’s easier than you think to keep your momentum up without getting burnt out. Here are some tips to get you through finals during COVID.

  1. Start planning now. It’s not uncommon that students go to the wrong exam time or location because there is so much going on. Especially with the modified COVID exam schedule, there are multiple exam times for the same class. Be sure to check the exam schedule and also double check with professors. Add study times into your schedule for extra efficiency.
  2. Take advantage of finals week activities. Although these might look different during COVID, things like grab bags and zoom club meetings can go a long way in lifting spirits. Check out what SPB and the CSLI have to offer.
  3. Get enough sleep. If you are well rested while studying, you will be more efficient and get things done quicker. You also perform better after a good night sleep.
  4. Have a zoom study group. Looking at the same material for too long can make things stagnant. Group work can brew new conversation and help you study better.
  5. Take short breaks. Working for long periods of time can lead to burn out, so be sure to take breaks in between. Whether it’s playing a game for an hour, grabbing lunch with a friend, or just taking a walk to fill your water bottle, a little can go a long way in refreshing your mind and reducing your stress.

And as always, the library is here to help! Make use of our study spaces, ask the research librarians for help, or just stop by to say hello!

–Kristen Page