How do I use the library?


With the first week of classes in full swing, you’re probably already planning for the first project that’s due and starting your research. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry!

Where do I start?


Click here to see it!

If you have no idea what library resources can help you and need a general list of resources that match your subject, check out our Library Subject Guides.

This is a great place to start with the class– just look the topic up by subject!

I want to learn how to search using the homepage!

Check out our video tutorials– these short videos show you some of the great ways that you can search for books, articles, videos and more.

There are even some specific videos that you can watch by subject.

I still would like more help– can I talk to someone?

Yes! You can contact us anytime the library is open and you can reach us by phone, computer or in person.


We love to help you with ANY question that you might have.

Feed Your Curiosity: News Articles and our Databases


Ever read a news article that piques your curiosity?  Or, something interesting that cites its sources, and you want to read those articles to become more of an expert on the topic?  You can!

For example, take the recent New York Times article titled, “Accounting for Taste: Not for Your Ears Only: How Sour Gets Its Zing”. This article discusses a recent scientific study on taste reception cells that was published in Science, which you can read in full here through the library’s databases!

When you’re reading articles, you can always search the library catalog for the research cited, or search directly within the many databases to which we subscribe to learn more.  If you are reading the article on campus and the citation is hyperlinked, you will be routed directly to the article if we have access to it. Try it, the next time you’re curious about a topic!


You can do it!


You’ve got 20 days left until the end of the semester. We know that you’re working hard on your projects, papers and presentations.

Remember, the library is here to help! You can use our subject guides to find the best databases for your project and browse the library catalog to find books and eBooks.

Still looking for answers? Remember that you can ask the library for help! You’ve got this. We believe in you.

Bryant students success

With your perseverance, you will definitely succeed.


Mintel Oxygen: Marketing Analysis for every occasion


Hi Bryant Community! Are you working on an Industry Report, Marketing Report or looking for some opportunities in a growing market? The library subscribes to Mintel Oxygen, a marketing intelligence agency that’s a great resource for you.

Mintel is a large database that’s purchased and used in the professional workplace. Here at Bryant, we use it in an educational setting. You can start to master this product now and also impress your professors in final reports.


Who knew dental and oral care markets could have such exciting graphics?

As long as you have a Bryant username and password you can use it away from campus too! This database shows you executive summaries, analyst reports, infographics, predicted market growth, consumer behavior data, upcoming trends and industry & product overviews! (Can you tell how excited we are about this database?)


Yes! Even our food purchases at theme parks are carefully researched.