Congratulations to our Student Workers of the Month for November!


The Student Workers of the Month for November in the Access Services Department are Rena Holder and Zachary Sullivan.

The November Student Worker of the Month in Reference is Mandy Phan.

Thanks to Rena, Zachary, and Mandy for their hard work, dedication, and dependability.

And thanks to all of our other student workers in both departments for continuing to make this a hard decision every month.  We truly could not function properly without each and every one of you.

Congratulations to the Circ Desk Student Workers of the Month for September and October!


Yes, that’s right, both September and October.  Everything was so hectic at the beginning of the semester that we couldn’t recognize anyone at the time in September, but decided that we should backtrack a bit.

So anyway, drum roll please…

The student workers of the month for September are Kristina Pittella and Regina Salgado!

And the student workers of the month for October are Carlie Alemian and Olga Bourtseva!

All four will be entered into the end-of-semester drawing for $10 in Bulldog Bucks and will have their praises sung (figuratively) on the blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Axis TV.

Thank you Kristina, Regina, Carlie, and Olga for the awesome jobs you have done.

And thanks to all of the Circ Desk Student Workers for making this a legitimately difficult decision process, as everyone has been doing a fantastic job so far.  This is the sort of staff-related problem supervisors usually only get to dream of having!

Congratulations, Graduates


We here at the library would like to congratulate everyone in Bryant’s Class of 2010, especially our student workers who graduated this year:

  • Roxanne Cowperthwaite
  • Colby Dufour
  • Michele Lemmo
  • Kaitlin Manter
  • Kundayi Mawema
  • Jason Shabo
  • Matthew Shephard-Lupo

So to them and the rest of the Class of 2010, thank you, congratulations, and the best to each of you in all of your future undertakings.

To everyone else, see you in the fall, or even throughout the summer if you’re still around.

The Continued Media Dominance of Your Library Staff


Access Services Librarian Pat Crawford has had two different mentions in local media in the last week or so.  First, her position as Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect of the Innovative Users Group Steering Committee gets a shout-out from The Rhodarian, the blog of the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS).

Then she gets interviewed by the local reporter Mario Hilario (yes, that’s his real name) as part of a story on the sport of curling (she belongs to the Ocean State Curling Club, you see).

Congratulations on both counts to Pat, and a reminder to everyone else that we’re pretty much everywhere.

Friendly Faces, Both New and Familiar


You’ve probably seen some new folks around the reference desk this semester, or even some familiar people on different schedules than you’ve come to expect, maybe even in different places.  No, we’re not messing with your heads – though the idea occurs to us from time to time, I assure you – there have been changes afoot!  So take notes, there may be a quiz later.

First of all, welcome to Jenifer Bond, who is both our new Assistant Library Director and Reference Librarian.  She has worked with us in the past as a substitute reference librarian in the past (sort of like a relief pitcher, just with information), so you may already recognize her.  We’re all quite happy to have her aboard now as a full-time member of our staff.

Reference Librarian Laura Kohl is now the head of the Reference department, so you’ll probably be seeing her more often than ever.  A few of you may even have her as your Foundations for Learning (FFL) instructor.  Congratulations, Laura!

Colleen Anderson has stepped down as head of Reference and is currently enjoying semi-retirement, still working with us part-time as the E-Resources Instruction Librarian.

Part-time Reference Librarian Maura Keating is now with us full-time, so you’ll definitely be seeing her around more often.

Last but not least, part-time Reference Librarian Samantha Cabral has recently left to take on a full-time Librarian position at Rivier College in Nashua, NH.  We’re sad to see her go, but we’re very happy for her and wish her success.

And we’re currently interviewing for a couple of openings, so you’ll soon be seeing even more new faces around here.  Be sure to keep your library scorecards updated!